Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tag Answers For The Epic Disney Blog Party!


 Here are the tag answers for the Epic Disney Blog Party!

Which is your favorite Disney film and why?
I have so many favorites but right at this moment!  Probably Narnia, National treasure, Bolt,and Tangled!

Which is the most annoying/worst Disney film and why?

Pete's Dragon. Hate that movie! and will never watch it again!

What was the first Disney film you can remember watching?
Sound of Music, Snow White, Winnie the pooh and Mary Poppins 


What are some of your favorite quotes from Disney films?
Oh we have so many but here are a few BOLT: "Let it begin let it begin" TANGLED: "Here comes the smolder" and so many more!

Which Disney character do you think you are most like?
Susan of :Narnia or Belle Of :Beauty And The Beast

What is your favorite Disney film song?
I have a dream : TANGLED

What is one Disney film you find yourself recommending over and over?
Tangled, National Treasure, Sound of Music and Narnia!

What is one thing from any Disney film or films that really irks you?
Even though Flynn Rider saves Rapunzel from having to be locked up for the rest of her days ......that bob he gave her is so bad.  I wish she had beautiful blond hair that grew back later, but then probably another lady would kidnap her again!

Who is your favorite Disney heroine and why?
Repunzel because she is adventurous, brave and funny.


Who is your favorite Disney hero and why?
Prince Caspian becasue he is a strong leader and though he is a little stubborn at times I really like him as a hero!

Who is your favorite Disney sidekick and why?
Riley Poole. Why? Because he is epically quotable, incredibly funny, to the point

If you could spend a day in any Disney film, which one would you pick and why?
Narnia because it is so magical!


Yours Truly

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