Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pickin' up hay!

Dear Followers
Today Papa, Me, Hanna, Allison, Jessica, Chase and Savannah went with Aunt Beverly, Uncle Toby and Grandpa B to pick up their hay for the winter! We got 125 bales in all! We then unloaded them off at the barns! We had a lot of fun! Afterwards Grandpa got us all Ice Cream! *Enjoy* The pictures!

 Savannah, Marissa, Allison, Jessica, Chase, and Hanna
Me, Allison and Jessie!

Loading hay!

Savannah the cute country girl!

Chase pretending he is a Navy Seal! :)
Jessie and Allison resting on the hay and Papa and Vanna sitting on the truck (so cute)

Have a great day and God bless

Yours Truly

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