Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday night Baseball Huntsville Stars vs Birmingham Barons!

Dear Followers
Yesterday night Papa, Aunt Beverly, Uncle Toby, Emelie, Me, Hanna, Allison, Jessica and Chase  went to the Huntsville Stars vs Birmingham Barons Baseball game........We had a blast!
Thanks Papa, Bev, and Toby  for giving us such an awesome time and memory!
Oh and the Huntsville Stars WON! 

Here our some pictures!


Me and Emelie
 Top row Hanna, and Toby
Bottom row left to right Chase, me, Emelie, Allison and Jessica. We were missing Bev and Papa

The Star Spangled Banner

Ball game in action!
 Emelie and Me
 Stars batting. We had two out of the park hits!

This was the first time any of us kids had cotton candy and you can see we LOVED IT!

Allison loving her cotton candy!
 Me and Emelie eating her snow cone!

Me my cone was Pink Panther and Emelie's was Lemon-Lime
 Allison and Jessica

 Chase vs Cotton candy


Papa and Chase hanging out at the top!

 Chase loving Toby for his pizza!
 The mascot for the Huntsville Stars.  Homer is a pole cat!

 Papa. Me and Emelie
They WON! yeah!

Afterwards there was a free firework show - it was AWESOME!

The stars Catcher watching the fireworks with this boy!


Have a great day and God bless

Yours Truly

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