Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shop until you drop!!!!!

My Aunt Beverly and I left at 9 this morning and got in at 10:45 tonight...we had the best time shopping and having breakfast, lunch and supper! 
We also had to try out the photo booth in the Decatur Mall...VERY nice one and only $3 for 2 for each of us...lots of choices for color, labels, etc. Then it says watch this short video while you wait and it has recorded everything you were doing in the booth...HILARIOUS! Pictures are priceless and so is the memory!
:) Love you Bev!!!!!!! Thanks for such a AWESOME time!!!!!
I will NOT let Aunt Beverly live this down and so I am sharing the story with you...we were talking about something that had happened on New Year's night and cracking up about it...when Bev preceded to the drive thru the window at McDonald's the young girl gave Bev a  receipt and just as serious as can be Aunt Beverly told her to have a Happy New Year...of course tomorrow is THE 4TH OF JULY! I just busted out laughing and let Aunt Beverly know what the mistake was.... :P

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