Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Aunt Beverly's birthday party

For my Aunt Beverly b-day on Saturday she had a surprise pizza making party (Us kids were the only ones who had no idea what we were doing) at Tommy's Pizza in Huntsville at Bridge Street Mall. Tommy is AWESOME. We all had the best time. First there is a meet and greet where each of us kids tell Tommy something he doesn't know about the b-day girl...Beverly got some nice compliments and plain truths! :) Then he teaches us how to make a pizza which he does with the b-day girl. Then each of the kids made our own pizza. While they were baking we got a carousel ride and then returned to eat our pizzas. The pizza is WONDERFUL too! If you get a chance to do one of these parties they are so worth it. We enjoyed pizza and cupcakes. Shopped around at the mall and let the little kids cool off in the water shoot area. Check out the pics! It truly was a good day!  Thank you to my awesome Aunt Beverly for sharing this day with me...love you more than you will ever know!
 Pictures are not in order !!!!!!

This is not the finished product of my piece


Birthday cake!!!!!YUMMY

Noah and his pizza he made!!!!!!
Emelie's Pizza



Allison's pizza
Hanna's pizza



Bev's pizza she made

Bev;s pizza
Savannah's pizza
Chase's pizza

Wow 500 degrees is HOT!

  Savannah trying out the Bose headphones and the new Ipod touch at the Apple store! :)
Cooling off at the Mall water park!!!!



Sweet Beverly

  Papa demonstrating what this paddle is really used for! :)



  Have a great day and God bless


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  1. The birthday cakes look really yummy, Marissa, and the pizzas too, especially the double flavored pizza that Bev made! I bet the kids loved them! Actually, it's fine to preheat pizza as hot as it can get. Usually, I preheat my pizzas in the oven to about 450-500f.


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