Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer 2012 Birmingham Zoo!!!!!

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Tuesday we went to the Birmingham Zoo....... With Mama, Aunt Beverly, Uncle Toby, Toby's mother Martha, and a kid friend of ours, Will!!!!
It was super fun...... we got to see an awesome sea lion show, Alligator feeding, lion feeding and a gorilla show.... We got to feed flamingos too.  It was so cool .... Video coming soon I hope ......
We got to see a lot of interesting animals...... And had a blast!  
Thanks Aunt Beverly and Uncle Toby for planning this :) 

Heading to the Zoo
Cute Blake doing what he does best....... Charming everyone :)

Handsome chase ....... Our army guy !!!!

Jessica, Chase and Will watching some swans

This Komodo Dragon came right up to the glass and wasn't acting too friendly ...... Weren't  we glad there was glass :(

Allison and Aunt Beverly
 The gorgeous Peacock ...... Sadly he did not give us the pleasure of showing his wonderful tail feathers!


 Lunch was great!!!

 Sweet Savannah
Sea-Lion show!!!
 Farley waving ....... Love this part :)
 Balancing the ball

 A masked weaver making it's nest!!!!
 The alligator!!!!

Savannah very interested in this pretty turtle

 Train ride !!!!

Me and Emelie
 Allison feeding a flamingo

 These Monkeys are too cute!!!!

Nice eyes LOL!!!!!
 Happy Blake
 Uncle Toby and Aunt Beverly

Chase playing !!!!
 Climbing the mountain

Savannah hiding!!!
 Me as a giraffe

Savannah and Emelie
 Martha as her favorite animal, an Elephant :)
 Me and Savannah on the carousel

Hanna and Allison
 Holding on for dear life LOL jk

Chase and Will

 I love zebras

Allison the lion
 Jessica the lion :)
 Red panda

Me and Emelie - I love this picture
 The teenager elephant running from the hose of water the trainer was spraying

 Feeding the lion :)
 I found a heart leaf on a tree!!! <3

Water park time !!!!


Savannah and Allison

Afterwards we went to McDonald's for supper .......The end of the perfectly fun day!!!!! 

Yours Truly 


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