Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's day!!!!!

Happy Fathers Day guys!!!!!!!

I am so blessed to have a dad as AWESOME as my papa .....
I have the world's greatest papa ever!
Luv u Papa <3

We kids got these coupons off the web for FREE and gave them to our papa for a Fathers day gift :)

And here are some handsome, handsome, pictures of my papa :)

I just love this picture of Papa and Blake ......... :)

Yours truly


  1. LOVED this post!
    BTW, do you wanna write a blog with me all about the BBC P&P? Please...

    Say yes and I'll kiss yah. LOL!

  2. Thank you!!!!!!!

    Oh sure of course I will write a blog with you.... but I might not be as a consistent poster like you :) !!!!! I mean YES....... lol

    p.s. What does BTW mean??????

    Luv u


  3. OH! Goody!
    We will post together and you do not have to post a lot. I just do not have anything to do after I am done with my school work and such. That is why I post so much. ;P

    BTW means by the way. :)

    Thank you and I am putting you up as a poster on my blog for P&P. LOL!


    P.S. Luv u too girl! Sorry for not talking to you a lot at church. I was not feeling very well and I woke up with a horrid sore throat. :P


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