Thursday, May 31, 2012

Update on Blake Hunter

Dear Followers
I have not posted an update on Blake recently. So here goes. He is 6 months. 
He loves to laugh and talk baby talk. He weighs 20 lbs now. He can roll himself over, crawl just a little bit and grabs at anything he can. :) He also has a little white bottom tooth poking through.  He is very sweet and loveable and quite the chunky Monkey. LOL Here are some recent pictures of this little cutie. :)    

  I love his little smile :)



 Blake loves his trike.

Have a great day, GOD BLESS


  1. Aww!! He is SO cute!!!! Looks like my little cousin Drake!!! :D how do i follow ur blog?

  2. Thanks Abilaine. I am so glad I have him as a little brother :)

    Thank you Amy. AWWWWW I love that name i am sure he is CUTE too :) Okay to answer your question.

    on the right side f my blog you go down just a little bit and you see my followers click on the JOIN THIS SITE button then a tab will come up and you can pus the follow button
    and your DONE :)

    Have a great day, God bless and thanks for coming by Mildredckes



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