Thursday, April 26, 2012

********* SIGH************

I just L-O-V-E Pride and Prejudice a old favorite among us Girls :)


 Jennifer Ehle starring as Elisabeth Bennet is my favorite Jane Austen character :)
The wedding is one of my favorite parts <3


  1. Ahhhhhhhh... YOU watched it?
    And I thought we were gonna do it when you come over. How vexing!!!
    Anyway... I LOVE this movie. (but you already know that)
    I adore that picture of Lizzy! (and the cover)


  2. well you little beast i exactly told you about p&p ha ha so there miss emmaaaaaaaa woodhouseeeeeee


  3. OH Yeah? Well, if you ever say that again I'll... I'll... I'll push you into the Pemberley pond! he he...
    OK... really this has gone WAYYYYYYYYYY too far. You think blogging is easy? You gotta treat your BBF like a grownup (which she is not) HAHA!

    YES... your right! My name is Miss Emma Woodhouse and bully for Lizzy Bennet. Both you and her can have Mr Fitzwillaim Darcy of Pemberley!!! Keep your 10 thousand a year.

    I want me a farm boy.

    I said that? I actually said that! (for shame Emma)



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