Friday, October 3, 2008

Learning to Draw

I found a book that shows how to draw different kinds of dogs!  This was my first try at a Beagle! I drew it as the book showed, then I used black, brown and light gray.  Then I made a rainbow collar and leash.


  1. hay cutie...

    I like your blog (and dog)


  2. Check out my new blog! Love ya!

  3. Very nice! It looks just like a Beagle. My students used to laugh at me when I tried to draw animals on the board. They all had a rectangle body and then I would change their ears or tail and that would be the difference from say a cat or a armadillo. Ha!

  4. thanks you all i am not really the family artist emelie is the pro she should inter a contest but thin we would not get the free and fabulous drawings love marissa


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